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See Southern Africa

Up Close and Unforgettable.

This subregion covers nealy a third of the continent’s surface area. It is a land of great history and culture. Nature exists side by side with ultramodern cities. The region is well linked through road, rail and air infrastructure. The climate varies from dry wastelands in the west coast stretching from Namibia to the subtropical warm interior and along the Mozambique east coast.

Touch the Wild

In Southern Africa’s Pristine National Parks.

Southern Africa is the home of great wildlife. The Big 5 are to be found roaming the many public and private game reserves in all the major destinations. Whether you are keen on the animals in the land (game drives) or at sea (cage diving to swim with the sharks!), you will take away the exhilarating thrill of seeing real animals in the wild up close. There are several International Transfrontier Parks which provide access to unlimited game viewing across national boarders.

Popular Destinations

Visitors are spoilt for choice in the many amazing destinations across the beautiful landscape of Southern Africa. Whether it’s the city or the wild or taking a journey in our rich historic trail, you are certainly going to take away more than just a collection of holiday mementos, but life changing experiences.