About Seeza Tourism SME Network

Seeza Tourism SME Network harnesses the power of collaboration to enhance the domestic and international competitiveness of, and facilitate market access for travel and tourism SMEs across South Africa. Built on the well-established principles of inter-firm collaboration, Seeza Tourism SME Network focuses on acquiring and channelling real business opportunities to its SME members.

Founded in July 2017, the Network directly channelled nearly R5 million worth of business to SMEs within two years by linking them to inbound business events – (SME testimonials available on request). The Network seeks to expand market access opportunities for member SMEs through partnering with various entities that are willing to procure from these enterprises.

Join the Network today!

Seeza is not an association therefore there is no membership fee payable. Once you express interest to join the Network, you will be emailed a document that explains how the Network operates. To express your interest in becoming part of the Network, please complete the form below or email Ms Nkoti Seloane, Seeza National Coordinator at