About Us

Seeza Destination Network is a business acquisition and sharing network founded on SME collaboration in the tourism sector across Southern Africa.

We Open Southern Africa Up For You.

Whether you’re local or are visiting our region from afar, we promise to show you gems that you won’t find in guidebooks. Because our Partners are rooted in the communities in which they operate, we’ll unveil to you the top major destinations across 8 countries in Southern Africa in ways you may not have expected. We immerse you  in deep community, culture and history dives. And, yes, we’ll offer you those great nature, wildlife and adventure icons too.

Seamless One Stop Solution

The great news is that this diverse, wall-to-wall coverage of Southern Africa – starting with South Africa – can be accessed easily at one location, so you don’t have to deal with multiple providers. Leave that to us. We’re experts on this land. Whether you’re looking for a Professional Conference Organiser to handle all your conferencing requirements, a ground specialist to take care of your logistics, or a sightseeing expert to offer unique experiences, you talk to just one person and it’s all sorted, anywhere in Southern Africa.

Strategic Consultation Services

We work with Governments and strategic tourism bodies to help them develop transformation and inclusive strategies for SMEs and indigenous players.  We also promote investment opportunities through the trade of tourism services across the continent and key consumer markets abroad. This service incorporates strategic team training and facilitated learnerships from world renowned market leaders.

Join the Network Today!

To become a part of this growing and dynamic network please fill in the form on the link below.

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Seeza is not an association therefore there is no membership fee payable. However you have to sign up to be part of the Network and we are open to three categories of partnership;
1. Core Partners (SME Tour Operators and Professional Conference Organisers)– These are the partners that deliver value directly to the client
2. Product Partners (SME product and experience owners) – These are partners who own the infrastructure that make up the packages.
3. Network Associates (Large companies, tourism support agencies, tourism associations and other players that are willing to add value in different ways to the Network – These are partners with strategic interest in the travel and tourism industry.

We’re continually seeking new and exciting, SME-powered experiences to offer our worldwide clientelle, and passionate partners to deliver them.

If you believe you have something special, anywhere in Southern Africa, we’re waiting to hear from you.

Just call Nkoti Seloane on +27 11 024 4740 or email and we’ll get right back.