Seeza Tourism SME Network believes in the power of collaborating with other key actors in enabling its efforts to advance the interests of tourism SMEs.


Since its inception in July 2017, the Network has been privileged to partner with various notable players in the tourism sector. We are proud to have been in continuous partnership with World Travel Market (WTM) Africa since our launch in September 2017. In 2020, in the wake of Covid-19, we partnered with provincial tourism authorities to deliver a series of #StayinBusiness seminars aimed at SMEs.

Partner with us

The new global tourism industry environment calls for new ways of thinking and doing things. That includes in the area of tourism SME development.

If you’re a government department or municipality, DMO, corporate, or SME development agency that’s seeking a different approach to tourism SME development, founded on principles of fostering inter-firm collaboration and networking among SMEs, contact us at


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