Your trip to Southern Africa can just become the best that you ever took. We will put together amazing experiences with communities, wildlife and breathtaking natural beauty that this region has to offer. Don’t just visit one country, take one of our international trips and take away with you experiences of a lifetime.

Touch the Wild

Wildlife Galore

Southern Africa is one of few regions in the world where rare species are accessible in the wild. The subregion offers both land and marine wildlife at close range in their natural habitats.

Colourful Cultures

Human Beauty

The region is home to colourful exotic cultures with people groups spread across international boarders. These trace their roots to the African kingdoms of antiquity.

Dramatic Coastline

Endless Coastline

Boardered by two oceans and exquisite beaches, the region offers some of the best seaside escapes in the world. Activities include surfing, fishing, diving and sailing .

Spectacular Scenery

Naturally Beautiful

Whether by road or by air, Southern Africa is accessible. Your road trips allow you to enjoy amazing countryside and countless detours into unspoilt nature.

Adrenaline Rush

Heart-stopping Thrills

Both on land and sea, there are unlimited activities for the thrill seeker: hanging over the 100m Victoria Falls precipice, whitewater rafting, swimming with the sharks in Durban and many more.

Heartwarming Hospitality

African Welcome

African hospitality is proverbial. The visitor is always welcome and provided for. The warm hearts and smiles will become etched in your memory.

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