#Mathub'Olusha Initiative

Seeza Network receives numerous requests each year from university and FET College students seeking opportunities to undergo work integrated learning (WIL) ranging from 6 to 18 months, which is mandatory for them to complete their qualifications. Without WIL opportunities, students get stuck and are unable to complete their programmes of study and begin their careers.

Seeza’s #Mathub’Olusha (Opportunities for Youth) initiative supports students and youth with a travel, tourism, hospitality and heritage training background who are seeking WIL and employment opportunities within the industry. The initiative connects WIL and employment opportunity seekers (students and youth) with opportunity providers – large and small – in the public and private sector. It is mandatory for students participating in a WIL programme to attend and complete an online entrepreneurship development programme to prepare themselves for possible business start-up after completing their training.

The initiative’s overriding goal is to increase youth participation in the travel, tourism, hospitality and heritage industry. The service is free of charge to opportunity seekers and providers but welcomes funding partnerships from those who support its mission.

To participate in the initiative please complete the applicable form and we will contact you. If interested in financially partnering with the initiative, please email Ms Nkoti Seloane, Seeza National Co-ordinator, at nkoti@seeza.today.



#Opportunity Provider Form

Opportunity Seeker Form

Programme Participation Terms

  1. All information will be treated strictly confidentially and will not be used for any purpose other than to facilitate a placement.
  2. Opportunity Providers’ information will not be shared with Opportunity Seekers. Instead, where an opportunity exists, placement will be facilitated by Seeza.
  3. Where a WIL Opportunity Provider is not able to pay the learner a monthly stipend, only learners that can cover their own monthly costs will be recommended to the Opportunity Provider.
  4. A WIL Opportunity Provider is under no obligation to provide employment to the learner at the end of the agreed duration for WIL placement.
  5. Where applicable, a WIL Opportunity Provider agrees to enter into a training agreement with the learner’s education / training institution and to comply with the institution’s applicable WIL reporting and other requirements.
  6. WIL Opportunity Providers undertake to provide quality training and adequate supervision to learners.
  7. Employment Opportunity Providers will not be charged a placement fee. Employment terms and conditions will be discussed between the Opportunity Provider and the Opportunity Seeker. Seeza Tourism Growth Network will not be involved in these negotiations.

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