Seeza DMC partners up

Seeza Destination Network is partnering with South African Supplier Diversity Council (SASDC) to provide alternative certification for Network members. The partnership is in response to network members expressing the need to have their businesses certified by a reputable organisation. Certification by SASDC means the company will have undergone a rigorous due diligence assessment to check its credentials as a 51% or more black-owned company, that it is compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements, and has the asset and resource base to service its product or service offering in the open market place. Partnering with SASDC gives the Network its first opportunity to pursue its ‘blue ocean’ strategy, enabling it to identify and utilise alternative platforms to connect its members to international markets, so they are not fishing in ‘red oceans’, which have head-on competition from established large players. Through the partnership, certified Network members have the opportunity to attend and participate at the US National Minority Supplier Diversity Council (NMSDC) Annual Conference and Business Opportunity Exchange, with more than 6 000 delegates and 700 exhibitors. At this event, Network members are able to meet representatives from the 24 US NMSDC regional chapters, including international delegates from the Global Supplier Diversity Alliance partnership, which represent, in addition to the US, Australia, Canada, China and the UK. While the event does not specifically focus on tourism, it will provide important opportunities to establish contacts with the African-American travel market and large tour operators in all five Global Supplier Diversity Alliance countries. SASDC is a corporate-led initiative bringing together like-minded companies in the private sector to promote supplier diversity as a business strategy to achieve competitiveness and long-term sustainability. It is an independent non-profit organisation, established by the United States Agency for International Development, under a strategic partnership agreement with the Department of Trade and Industry of the Republic of South Africa.

Source: Tourism Update

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